It is about developing a new system for own use and a few users. This system must contemplate the following functionalities:
  • Vendor system.
  • Rental system..
  • Updater system.
  • Others (Gacha, Lucky Chair, Deliver, ...)
  • Multiuser. Allow many different users to use the system. (User Management)
  • Multi world. The system must be valid for different virtual worlds. Not only secondlife, also in the systems based on Open Simulator and if possible in totally different worlds as long as there is a script language that allows to do the same as LSL.
  • Compatible with the GDPR law.

PHASE 1. The first system to be developed as the most urgent is the system of updates, from now on known as "updater". There are two types of updaters already mentioned in the glossary. The first updater will be based on a DNS of objects, that is, it will be the simple updater.
Steps phase 1
  1. Upload this website as a front visible publicly in the hosting.
  2. Develop a simple schema of mySQL / MariaDb tables to function as object DNS but at the same time flexible enough to be easily expanded when new functionalities are added.
  3. Develop simple PHP call for initial user registration.
  4. Develop simple PHP call to register a dropbox in the DNS of objects.
  5. Develop simple PHP call to check the URL of the dropbox in the DNS of objects.
  6. Develop the virtual world part, the dropbox and the updater script.
  7. Create accounts in each virtual world where it is not and do tests.
  8. Switch to the hosting payment option to have domain.